Serbian Artist Mane Sakic Announces One Night Only Private Exhibition at Mana Contemporary

Jersey City, NJ (March 15, 2017) ‐ Hutchins AMC in collaboration with artist Mane Sakic is pleased to announce “Rebirth” a one night, by invitation only exhibition at artist Mane Sakic’s 1, 500 square foot studio gallery at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, New Jersey. Featured work by Serbian artist Mane Sakic will include a collaboration piece with British and Irish fashion designer, Daphne Guinness along with a collection of work to be unveiled to a select group of guests for the evening. The unveiling will begin at 7 PM on Friday, March 31st.

Mane Sakic is a Serbian-born artist and son of Serbian actress, singer, and writer, Olivera Katarina. Mane's mosaic work adorns one of the city center streets in Belgrade, and his paintings reside at The Museum of Cinematography and The Ministry of Culture in Belgrade. Mane’s work is also part of various private collections, including actress Sharon Stone, Peter Stojanovic, and The Kee Collection Madrid. Mane has enjoyed creative collaborations with Marina Abramovic, Daphne Guinness, Olivera Katarina, and Dejan Damnjanovic.

Mane studied painting at the Belgrade University of Fine Arts, under Professor Momcilo Antonievic, and graduated in 1995.

Mana Contemporary is one of the largest and most innovative contemporary art organizations in the United States. Its rapidly expanding flagship location in Jersey City, originally built in 1890, will eventually encompass a footprint of more than two million square feet.

Join the conversation online using #RebirthofMane Instagram: @manesakic. The Web: For more information, contact:



Adventures in Instagram Land with Michael Hafftka

Instagram is a fun and great way to connect with other artists in many disciplines. Musicians, writers, poets, filmmakers, even amazing hairdressers, have contacted me after seeing my work on Instagram. It’s so purely visual, totally emotive, short, quick and focused.

Johnny Polygon, @sirjohnpol, was following me for about a year before he asked, “Do you do commissions?” I found out that Johnny, an R&B singer song writer, is a big fan of my work and wants me to do art for his next album I Love You, Goodnight. He said, “I was actually thinking of doing art for each song inspired by the lyrics. I can’t draw for $hit though, ha...” After listening to Polygon’s music I was entranced. His rhymes keep going off in my head.

“Who Wants To Be the King of Ashes?” One song’s rhetorical question inspired this work:


For the cover of the forthcoming CD and Vinyl I made this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.29.53 PM.png

Conception Contemporary Art Fair in NYC

This past Thursday night on June 30th in Tribeca, Conception Contemporary Art Fair featured the work of Hutchins AMC emerging artists, Keli Lucas, Erika Rachel, Bianca Romero and Marty Morella.  For one night only, attendees had an intimate viewing of modern and eclectic art with original artwork on display. Conception Contemporary Art was a super sweet art show consisting of an evening filled with good vibes and incredible artwork.  A group of artists were showcasing modern and contemporary art work to display to the masses.
Keli Lucas was one of the artists who unveiled her work to rave reviews. She presented her newest series of portraits of creative peers and loved ones. If you look at Keli Lucas’s six exquisite paintings, you can actually see the progression of the artist in each one of her pieces. The color scheme of her latest work is the more refined version of her earlier acrylic pieces and you can actually recognize the evolvement of the artist. Artist Erika Rachel unveiled “The Compatibility Series” for the first time in NYC at the Conception Contemporary Art Show. Erika sold a few pieces as well that evening. For more information on artist Erika Rachel and her work: Additionally, Keli Lucas’s friend and fellow talented artist, Bianca Romero, also turned heads with her display of mixed media artwork. Bianca’s multimedia series was made of acrylic and print collage on canvas and consisted of a slew of interesting materials for a unique texture and a vibrant and striking visual appearance.

With Conception Art Fair’s innovative curation, they have exposed, educated, and provided guidance to novice and seasoned collectors alike. Their goal was to provide the highest quality of art and culture to the public, that they normally would not have access to. All in all, it was a beautiful night as chic New Yorkers explored the one­ of­ a ­kind exhibit, socializing, admiring, and yes, purchasing, the eclectic curation of art. The event was a hit – the first of many -­ in which most of the art was sold and the works and talent of acclaimed and upcoming artists were showcased. Guests were enlightened as they celebrated new work by acclaimed artists of an eclectic curation of artwork and performance. I, for one, am looking forward to the next Conception art fair!

By Sara Nardea

Artist Erika Rachel  and the "Compatibility Series"  at the Conception Contemporary Art Fair

Artist Keli Lucas and her portraits  


Art by artist Bianca Romero

Study Finds Millennials Prefer Instagram to Museums



By Rain Embuscado

Millennials are the next big art market frontier, and a new survey shows that many of them are fine skipping a trip to the museum to discover new works of art.

“American Attitudes Toward Art," a study conducted by online art marketplace Invaluable, claims it's the first time more US consumers are seeing art on social media rather than in museums. In fact, 22.7 percent of US consumers on aggregate cite image-driven platforms as their primary method of finding new work. Only 20 percent of adults come across new art through museums, and an even smaller 15.6 percent do so through galleries.

According to the company's survey, which included over 4,500 participants, 44 percent of millennials turn to Instagram and Pinterest. It's a demographic that reportedly spends more than 30 hours a month on social media sites, after all.

What's more, the study found that more than half of respondents would collect art online, compared to only 19 percent of Baby Boomers.

“Just as U.S. retail, restaurant and hospitality industries have wielded major digital-first transformations over the last decade to turn Millennial browsers into buyers," Invaluable's CEO, Rob Weisberg, explained in a statement, "our survey findings reveal that Millennials' mobile-first preferences are driving similar demand from the art industry."

Their data also yielded insights on art's perceived value across generations. For example, 42 percent of younger millennials, identified in the study as ranging from 18–24, believed that collecting art is a good investment. However, only 37 percent of their older counterparts (millennials age 25–34) agreed.

It's important to note that despite an increasing preference for digital discovery and acquisition, millennials are still getting out of the house and paying museums and galleries a visit. According to the data, nearly 40 percent of all respondents reported to visiting art museums and galleries at least once a year, while 14 percent said they went on a monthly basis.

These findings, while useful, more or less confirm the notion that millennials are inherently social media's premiere generation. As we detailed last year, millennials are likelier to take risks, and are comfortable buying on- and offline.

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Why More People Are Buying Original Art Today

It is a fact that the number of people buying original art today is on the increase. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this rise in collecting art. They include:

  • Increase in disposable income
  • Awareness of new artists
  • Understanding of interior design
  • Popularity of art-related television programs
  • Greater amount of information on original art in the press
  • Increase in original art at auction
  • The explosion of art galleries on the internet

The Rise in Disposable Income

Overall, people in developed countries have seen a rise in their disposable incomes. Of course, this then leads to a greater ability to buy original art. There is less attraction in spending money on mass-produced hanging art or sculptures and a tendency to want something unique. Owning a piece of original art is often seen as a symbol of success. The reality is that the pieces may not have cost as much as they appear to have done. Even people who have seen a modest rise in their disposable income can enhance their home by buying sculptures or art.

Awareness of New Artists

There are always new artists emerging from art colleges or other art schools. However, the majority of the general public was never aware of them. Nowadays, there are far more exhibitions held by these schools and colleges that showcase the work of their students. These are public shows and involve everything from oil paintings and other hanging art to photography and sculptures. These are perfect showcases for the artists and also offer an opportunity for visitors to buy or commission an original piece of art at relatively low prices.

Understanding of Interior Design

Color psychology and Feng Shui are now recognized terms, but they have really only become so in recent years. People are appreciating the importance of these techniques in the interior design of their homes. Many people would never have had the confidence to design their own living space and would be wary of choosing the right piece or pieces of original art. Now there are books, courses and many other sources of information to help make the decisions much easier. Of course, there are also a growing number of interior design specialists who can take be hired to buy art and sculptures to compliment the furnishings or to completely redesign a room to suit a recently acquired piece of impressionism from one of the Old Masters.

Popularity of Art-Related Television Programs

There are hundreds of television programs that people can watch to get information if you want to buy art. These programs range from room makeover and antique evaluation shows to complete house transformation and fine art auctions. No matter whether a person is completely new to the original art scene, or is simply looking to keep up with the latest trends, there is almost certainly a programed to suit. The previously mysterious world of buying art is clarified and people feel far more confident about purchasing a piece of original art than ever before. They offer an education in the choices and options available to people with any type of preferences and budget.

Greater Amount of Information on Original Art in the Press

The weekend newspapers have become great sources of information regarding art and other interior design issues. Hardly any newspaper is produced without one article or another regarding paintings, sculptures and photography. There are also reviews of exhibitions from new and established artists, with dates of forthcoming displays. They can be a great source of local information too with regional articles.

Increase in Original Art at Auction

There has been a rise in the number of auctions, both traditional and also on the internet. Auctions are a great source of original art and it is worth taking a look at a few to gauge the current price for a particular item. This can help you to decide on the type of original art that you are looking for. Many auction houses produce a catalogue that can be viewed on the internet for forthcoming art auctions. Oil paintings and sculptures sell particularly well at auction and people find their perfect original piece of art.

The Explosion of Art Galleries on the Internet

The internet has become a valuable showcase for art of all types. This is particularly the case for original paintings, photography and sculpture. These can take the form of online galleries for viewing previous work, sites where you can actually purchase a piece of original art. Photography, in particular, has flourished on the internet. There are numerous sites where you can buy electronic copies of photographs for very little money. Many people have used these to begin their artwork collection to good effect.

Regardless of what the individual reasons are, there is no doubt that the rise in buying original art sees no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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Behind Her Squad of Elite Artists: Spotlight on Art Manager/Agent, Lynn Hutchins

By Sara Nardea

L’Etage Magazine

Meet Lynn Hutchins, because the next time you’re at an art show and see some art that you love, chances will be that she’s behind the scenes, pulling the strings. In a world where non conformity has become conformists, Lynn stands out: you can pick her out of a crowd from a mile away. Her distinct style modestly hides her intense business wit and attitude and her personality is similarly reserved. Make no mistake though, she is fierce and as shroud as they come. Lynn is a jet-setter between New York, Miami and LA, representing refreshingly original artists, each of which is on the rise and excelling in their own ways. L’Etage Magazine had a chance to conduct an exciting interview with her and gather some insight on the artists she represents.

Where did you go to school, how did you get started in the art world and what do you do now?

I studied at SVA (School of Visual Arts) in NYC, and over the years ended up in the Corporate world working with Fortune 100’s managing teams in NYC. After which, I was offered an opportunity with (click here to continue reading article)


HUTCHINS AMC announced today 6 NYC based artists selected to be represented by Hutchins AMC, a full service artist management and consulting agency based in New York City.  Founder and CEO Lynn Hutchins, hand picked and carefully selected what are clearly unique and talented artists willing to participate in an opportunity  to acquire alternative revenue and brand development opportunities  that challenge traditional art industry means.

Opportunities include; art licensing, art Investment, unique group exhibition opportunities, brand development and more... 

Hutchins AMC Artist Roster

Eddy Bogaert

Jose De Olio

Luca Vigorelli

Alannah Farrell

"EZO" Joe Wippler

Uncutt " Protect yo Heart" 




As the copyright holder, you are provided exclusive rights in your work as per the Copyright Act. Here in the US, as in many countries, copyright is automatically granted to you as soon as you create a piece of art, but registering the copyright means that your ownership is a matter of public record, and makes it easier to defend your rights. For instance, if you want to bring a lawsuit for copyright infringement, you will need to register your copyright. Those rights include the right to make copies, distribute, publicly display, and make derivatives of your work.  Those rights are solely yours and cannot be taken away.  However, those rights can be transferred to another entity; whether in total or just a few of the rights, for a limited time or for life.  With a license, you are not “selling a work” as such. What you are doing is selling permission to use that work in a certain way for a certain length of time. 

For information or questions on art licensing opportunities