Adventures in Instagram Land with Michael Hafftka

Instagram is a fun and great way to connect with other artists in many disciplines. Musicians, writers, poets, filmmakers, even amazing hairdressers, have contacted me after seeing my work on Instagram. It’s so purely visual, totally emotive, short, quick and focused.

Johnny Polygon, @sirjohnpol, was following me for about a year before he asked, “Do you do commissions?” I found out that Johnny, an R&B singer song writer, is a big fan of my work and wants me to do art for his next album I Love You, Goodnight. He said, “I was actually thinking of doing art for each song inspired by the lyrics. I can’t draw for $hit though, ha...” After listening to Polygon’s music I was entranced. His rhymes keep going off in my head.

“Who Wants To Be the King of Ashes?” One song’s rhetorical question inspired this work:


For the cover of the forthcoming CD and Vinyl I made this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.29.53 PM.png