Serbian Artist Mane Sakic Announces One Night Only Private Exhibition at Mana Contemporary

Jersey City, NJ (March 15, 2017) ‐ Hutchins AMC in collaboration with artist Mane Sakic is pleased to announce “Rebirth” a one night, by invitation only exhibition at artist Mane Sakic’s 1, 500 square foot studio gallery at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, New Jersey. Featured work by Serbian artist Mane Sakic will include a collaboration piece with British and Irish fashion designer, Daphne Guinness along with a collection of work to be unveiled to a select group of guests for the evening. The unveiling will begin at 7 PM on Friday, March 31st.

Mane Sakic is a Serbian-born artist and son of Serbian actress, singer, and writer, Olivera Katarina. Mane's mosaic work adorns one of the city center streets in Belgrade, and his paintings reside at The Museum of Cinematography and The Ministry of Culture in Belgrade. Mane’s work is also part of various private collections, including actress Sharon Stone, Peter Stojanovic, and The Kee Collection Madrid. Mane has enjoyed creative collaborations with Marina Abramovic, Daphne Guinness, Olivera Katarina, and Dejan Damnjanovic.

Mane studied painting at the Belgrade University of Fine Arts, under Professor Momcilo Antonievic, and graduated in 1995.

Mana Contemporary is one of the largest and most innovative contemporary art organizations in the United States. Its rapidly expanding flagship location in Jersey City, originally built in 1890, will eventually encompass a footprint of more than two million square feet.

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