Luca Vigorelli


Born and raised a New Yorker, living in Alpha bet City  in the East Village NYC. Luca has been creating since 2011 and is constantly inspired by street art and Neo-Expressionism art. It's the unpolished aspects of urban life that have been the driving force to what he creates. Luca  has said that "There is something alluring and inspiring about struggle, something both human and raw."

Luca's art reflects the diverse characters of the people he encounters every day and the story it creates within him as an artist. Through his painting process he experiments with color, form and texture in an attempt to bring alive the story told on each canvas.

Currently Luca is juggling 2 successful careers as an artist and a professional model, which takes him from the east coast to the west coast and world wide modeling for 2 top modeling agencies. Ultimately Luca's love is with the arts as he would like to reach his goal of becoming a full-time artist creating and expressing himself for the world to  experience and enjoy.