Matthew Adam Ross



Laguna Beach High School 2007

University Of British Columbia 2011
BA Interdisciplinary Studies


Berlin Art Institute 2016
Berlin, Germany



Flaunt Magazine

Urban Outfitters

Creativ Magazine

May 2017, full feature

New York Times

Art Series


Select Exhibitions:

  • Jo Hay Open Studio TBA August 2017, Provincetown, MA
  • "TEN", Chainlink Gallery July 2017, Los Angeles, CA
  • Jo Hay Open Studio Summer Group Show, May 2017, Provincetown, MA
  • CS FairDay June 2017, Shanghai, China
  • Komunale Galerie November 2016, Berlin, Germany
  • Berlin Art Institute October 2016, Berlin, Germany
  • Bombay Beach Biennale Year 0 April 2016, Bombay Beach, CA
  • The HUD July 2015, Ventura, CA
  • Newport Beach Art Festival June 2015, Newport Beach, CA
  • The Living Gallery March 2014, New York, NY
  • The Empire Hotel January 2014, New York, NY


Artist Statement

"I don't have answers yet. I have questions. Questions about form and technique. Questions translating what of who I am that I am not. My work asks questions of myself that I dare yet ask the world. My works are those journal entries we don't share because they are not intended for a third party. My work is a demonstration of the questions I ask every single day, be it on my knees working on paper or upright working on canvas.  The question; who am I and where am I and what am I in this space; the space of art, the space of my parents dreams, the space of my audacity, the space of love's and depression's embrace, the space of my bright fears and glaring ignorance. I am constantly asking questions with my work. Using color, texture, dark and light emotion to punctuate my curiosity, to discover the best function of my time to arrive at a place I can give answers to the chaos.  The questions I ask are life rafts to the noise in me, that I dare hope, dare believe, is in you, and is in us." ~ Matthew Adam Ross